It all begins with food

AGILE stands for: Action to Generate and Integrate the Local Economy.

Food is an agent for change-The Unique Challenge for women and girls in West Africa is access to land, which directly affects efficient food production in that region.

Agile International’s MISSION is to empower rural women while returning Mali and West Africa to food security.

AGILE International has purchased an initial 35 acres of land and made it available to women in Mali to farm it. Our unique model allows women to use their skills to produce farm goods and other materials to sell and generate income.

Currently, we are farming only 12 acres of our 35-acre plot, because so much labor must go toward gathering water during the workday. Therefore, AGILE’s most important next step is to develop a drip irrigation system that involves drilling a 263-foot deep hole and installing a water pump and irrigation lines throughout the field. This ambitious project is estimated to cost approximately $50,000. AGILE is currently fundraising for the drip irrigation project, which is critical to our mission to advance food security and to empower local women farmers. The drip irrigation project and other ongoing farm expenses need a source of income that does not depend solely on donations. That is why we expanded our projects to include designing, producing, and selling unique African purses and funding a microloan program.We need your help to make this happen, please join us today.

Agile International’s commitment

By purchasing land to place women in charge of their destinies, providing instruction on sustainable farming practices to replace the reliance on western industrial farming techniques, increasing the food supply to provide more income, and a return to bounteous meals where culture is shared, the nations of Western Africa, such as Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Guinea, Senegal, Ivory Coast and more, can have the future that they wish to have. The speed of these positive changes is something you can affect with a donation to Agile International. A new way to secure land tenure rights and empower women in west Africa. Agile International is a non-profit charity which is organized exclusively for charitable purposes intended to provide education and assistance to disadvantaged, displaced young people and their families throughout Mali and West Africa.

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