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Agricultural Non-Profit Seeks interns to create and develop an innovative agricultural project framework to operate in Mali, West Africa

Four main areas we seek to cover:
1. Research and develop an innovative agricultural project framework to operate in Mali, West Africa.

2. Write keyword-rich articles that are relevant to International community development, women issues, women farmers, climate change, zero-carbon agriculture and related other issues.

3. Write keyword-rich blogs that are relevant to International community development, women issues, women farmers, climate change, zero-carbon agriculture and related other issues

4. Translate from English to various languages (see list below). If you can write directly in any of the languages listed below that would also be FANTASTIC!

AGILE International is a Boulder, Colorado-based 501(c)(3) tax exempt non profit organization whose focus is working in Mali and West Africa. We seek interns to write keyword-rich articles that are relevant to International community development, women issues, women farmers, climate change, zero-carbon agriculture, sustainability of economic development, energy, soil quality, and human health. Women in developing countries spend thousands of hours in search of water. What does that mean for the local economy, the well-being of women and their children? As an agricultural NGO, our work is directly related to these issues. We seek to break free from foreign aid and provide food abundance. Please show the relationship between our work and the issues listed above.

Passionate and globally conscious interns, please join us. Our efforts and collaborations are dynamic and team focused. We are developing a model to lay a strong foundation for our training initiatives. This model for success focuses on five major components; soil management/agriculture, access to water, renewable energy, transportation, and construction. We invite you to join us as we put our creative minds together to develop an innovative project framework at the forefront of sustainable agriculture!

Sustainable community development is a system that may not function without some of or all of these elements: culture, collaboration, energy, food production (soil, water,), constructions, transportation and communication.
We can use your help in all of these areas. They are all very important and related. Your articles and/or blogs will be posted on our website, news letters, email campaigns and social media outlets.

With your help, Agile International will empower women through entrepreneurship development so women can:

1. Develop effectiveness in becoming best advocates in the community
2. Develop skills in organizing, mobilizing and recognizing themselves as agents for social change
3. Acquire and practice more skills of enterprise creation
4. Acquire ability and capabilities to decide about new venture opportunities, plan, organize and successfully manage small businesses and small enterprises.
Our mission:
Is to return Mali and West Africa to food abundance, empower women farmers to become entrepreneurs and improve their communities through our agriculture projects. Our founder, Fatoumata Doumbia, a native of Mali, is passionate about removing the obstacles which prevent women from driving sustainable agricultural development throughout West Africa. Her unique model purchases farmland and places it into the hands of women to produce food, stimulate local economy in communities in West Africa. This circumvents traditional barriers that have prevented women from owning the land they farm. AGILE International has successfully purchased its first 35 acres in Mali and has completed a successful first harvest; its vision is to purchase more land and train women in an integrated and sustainable approach to food production.

Position Purpose:
Research and Development of sustainable and innovative community development project frame work in agriculture.
We can also use interns with multilingual background to:

1. Translate from English to French
2. Translate from French English
3. Translate from English to German
4. Translate from English to Spanish
5. Translate from English to Chinese
6. Translate from English to Japanese
7. Translate from English to Turkish
8. Translate from English to Portuguese

Support to AGILE International’s team in the key areas of outreach, community-building.

Potential Responsibilities and Learning Opportunities for Interns:
• Assist the team with research and effective writing to spread AGILE International’s mission to the global community
• Measure and track our increasing online engagement and answer questions from our followers
• Work to raise awareness of AGILE International by supporting communication efforts including blog articles, email campaigns, social media, and other external communications.
We prefer the length of the internship to be at least 3 months, submitting 3 or more completed pieces per week, beginning mid-March 2015.

Location and work hours:

Work hours are flexible to fit around your class schedules. Candidates can be located anywhere in the world. Ability to write and communicate in English is required, French and/or Spanish would be a plus.

Experience Required, qualifications:

  • Enthusiastic interest in global sustainable development and passion about using the power of the Internet to bring together a community to solve urgent problems
  • Open-minded and optimistic team player, willing to take initiative and eager to learn.
  • Welcoming and positive communication style and strong writing skills.

Apply Today!

Apply with your contact information, resume, samples of your writing, and a short statement why you believe you would be a good fit for our organization. Submit your materials to us by email at: by March 15, 2015 for consideration.

Compensation: We are offering paid and also unpaid course-credit opportunities. We’ll coordinate with your school’s Internship Department to set working terms.


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