Green Tech & Land Acquisition Success Stories

AGILE International (AI) is a Colorado-registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, based in Boulder. AGILE: Action to Generate and Integrate the Local Economy has a mission to return Western Africa to food abundance by empowering local women farmers and restoring the cultural wisdom that underlies traditional sustainable agriculture. We seek to break free from the endless cycle of foreign aid and food imports by producing nutritious food, and preserving the cultures and customs that create strong families and communities.

Here are some of our success stories:

■ LEVERAGING GREEN TECHNOLOGY: AGILE introduced to Mali, through a strategic partnership with Wings for Farmers (W4F), a greenhouse-gas-free, clean energy, new-tech, low-cost transportation device called a Levopter. Currently, Levopters are in deployment in Mali. The inventor of the Levopter, Mr. Hank DeBey, an American engineer and entrepreneur, had never heard of Mali before he met AGILE. Mr. DeBey, Founder and President of W4F, now has a team of young Malian graduates in training. His team won the Google Contest in Mali and continues its work. Please see the 5-minute video here:

Because the African Union Commission “endeavors to bring new possibilities and benefits to the citizens of Africa,” AGILE can be a valuable partner.

■ LAND ACQUISITION SUCCESSES: AGILE’s innovative approach to land tenure led to a purchase of 35 acres that will be used as a Research and Development, Training and InnovationCenter for agriculture in West Africa in partnership with the Department of Agriculture and Animal Science at ColoradoStateUniversity, Fort Collins, Colorado. AGILE used its own resources to purchase the land.

This effort connects with AU’s vision that “African leaders set the path toward Africa’s integration and sustainable development.”

■ TRAINING AND COMMUNITY BUILDING” AGILE is already walking the path of integration and sustainable development  as evidenced by our replicable model of training the trainer and building communities one at a time across West Africa and beyond. AGILE has been in existence since 2012. In just a few short years, it has already raised funds to purchase 35 acres of land 25 miles outside of  Mali’s capital, Bamako. In a community of 38,260 people, we started with 30 women. Today, AGILE works with 180 women in the community of Sanankoroba. With a successful first harvest, it has made good use of local resources both in the U.S. and in Africa. For instance, AGILE has partnered with experts at Colorado State University, Colorado University at Boulder, DenverUniversity and GRID, a 30-year community development nongovernment organization in Mali. AGILE is also a contributing member of the Colorado Coalition for Africa Empowerment (CCAE).


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