African entrepreneurs – revolutionize the food security program

Being second largest continent in the world, Africa is rich in the natural resources, but still it is regarded as one of the poorest and underdeveloped continent. More than half of the population is dependent on the agricultural sector for livelihood. It is regarded as one of the worst hit from the development and economic point of view.

The state of poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition, inadequate water supply and sanitation are some of the challenging issues been faced by the continent. Some of the villages of Africa lack the basic amenities of livelihood. The small scale farming of groundnut faced low yield and low revenues in Uganda. The agriculture sectors faced constraints with the worsening climatic conditions and poor irrigation facilities.

The water crisis in the African countries has been a cause of concern for the developmental organizations. In some of the African countries, there are small scale farming promoted to combat with the food insecurity.

The food security program in Congo, aimed to benefit the producers by adding value to their commodities and improve the food security. The small scale farming for the cereals, groundnut, and coffee is being promoted to help in the development of agricultural sector. The modern agricultural techniques have been introduced to improve the overall crop yield.

To improve the agriculture and food security, there are organizations that have joined hands to educate the farmers about the new techniques, organic farmers, pest controlling. The food security program urges the developed nations to invest in the small farms, promote business in these areas, and educate the young farmers.

More than half of the African population constitutes of women who have activated contributed in the development of the economic conditions. The revolutionary measure taken by the female entrepreneurs has helped in the growth of the agricultural sector. In some of the regions, the women borrow land from their husbands to start the cultivation of crops.

They struggle in the fields to save their children from malnourishment. The cultivation of crops such as chickpeas has helped in elevating the economic standard. The income coming from these yield have also helped in the education of the children.

African entrepreneurs are the pillars of the economic development. The developed nation such as the US believes in the potential of women entrepreneurs. There are numerous small scale industries being set-up such as textile industry, fashion technology, online marketing of goods, web designing by the African entrepreneurs. It is believed that the revolutionary measures taken by the female entrepreneurs would serve beneficial and helps in retaining the food security.

With the growing world population, it is very essential to give a thought about the development of agricultural sectors. Promoting agriculture, we can fight back the food insecurity that has hit many of the poor nations. There are organizations such as UN, UNICEF, and FAO that have introduced food programs to help the poor, conflict- affected nations. These programs would serve helpful in the sustainable development of the continent.

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