Agile International is proud to be attending the 67th annual Conference on World Affairs at CU-Boulder. Here are the high points from Day 1!

The End of Money as We Know It: Bitcoin, ApplePay and Beyond:

Panelists included Will O’Brien, CEO of BitGo.

He offered interesting insights on how a community can have its own decentralized monetary system, similar to what we envision at Agile International. What is it like to have a community without banks or prisons?

Jamais Cascio, featured in the Canadian Broadcasting Company documentary, Surviving the Future, and a featured speaker at the TED 2006 conference, “The Future We Will Create” stated “The developing countries are going to leap frog; move from being RECIPIENTS to INNOVATORS.” That’s what Agile international is all about. AI envisions becoming the Center for Research and Development, Training and Innovation. More about this fabulous panel soon.

SEX and POWER: Michelle Thaller, Assistant Director of Science at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center gave a great take away in this panel discussion. She is an Astrophysicist specialized in the evolution of binary star systems.

Who said that femininity and power don’t go together?Women can use their feminine energy to gain pleasure, maintain balance, gain power (leadership), create harmony and positively change the world around her.